Birdmaster Feature Requirements

This document details the Birdmaster Feature Requirements. These requirements drive the development of the Birdmaster product and are provided here as a reference. If the Birdmaster doesn't do what it says here then please log a bug on the Birdmaster SourceForge page.

The feature requirements are listed here grouped by functional area and numbered for easy reference. If you're reporting a bug against a feature please make reference to the feature number in the bug repport. As it's not possible to complete the entire functionality in the first release (well it would be; but who wants to wait that long?) the features will be prioritised and those with a higher priority will be addressed first.

The following table, and the links on the left, will take you to the functional areas.
User Authentication Requirements
Installation Requirements
Bird Species Requirements
Bird Families Requirements
Sites Requirements
Sightings Requirements
Reporting Requirements
Backup & Recovery Requirements